About us

Madeleine Fear


Madeleine started her education within the animal world at agricultural college where she gained her equine qualifications. She also worked for tsix years as a Bearded Collie rescue co-ordinator and has rehabilitated many dogs in her own home. She currently owns Four Bearded Collies and three Dandie Dinmont.

Madeleine is currently studying an Advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour . She has owned and trained dogs for over 25 years.



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Rani  Rodrigues


Rani has been training at K9 tac for the last 5 years.  She has successfully trained her working cocker spanial to be one of the most talented dogs at K9tac.  Rani is available for Individual dog walks, training walks and dog sitting at your home or hotel.  On Training walks Rani will ensure your dog is still learning and practicing the work they do in classes.

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Holly Fear


Holly was born into a house with muliple dogs.  She has successfully trainined and showed her dogs, achiving the Junior handling finals twice.  Whilst studying for her A Levels Holly is available to dog sit at your home or hotel.