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Betty + Barnie

When I first met Betty and Barnie at the
Dogs Trust in Salisbury, they were 2 inseparable dogs
huddled together for comfort.
The canine carers at the rescue centre explained
that they had been strays found in the Portsmouth area,
but they also had their day old puppy with them.
How sad.
Betty was about 3 and Barnie about 4 years old.
Since January 2009 they were being cared for at the Dogs trust as a family unit-the only one they had cared for.
They said that they loved watching the little family grow and interact.
When their puppy was old enough, she was adopted by one of the canine carers who named her Crumpet.
I have met Crumpet-what a sweetie- half Betty and half Barnie in looks and temperament.
The first time that I brought them home it was apparent that they had never been in a house before, they were bewildered and it took a lot of coaxing to get them over the threshold and indoors.
Betty was a nervous unsocialised little girl. On her walks she would snap and snarl in nervous aggression at any dog we met.
Barnie was always a little more confident but was unsocialised.
Neither had any basic training.
How could we have managed without Cath and Madeleine at K9 Tac.
My daughter and I first came to classes in November 2009.
We have been encouraged and taught with kindness and understanding to take little steps to encourage confidence and social skills in these little dogs.
Not yet perfect, but my two little dogs are unrecognisable from the frightened and bewildered dogs who first came to live with me.
Thank you Madeleine and Cath.