Getting Started With Your Training

There is so much going on at K9 Tac for owners and dogs.

Fun events, group walks, classes, kids club and 121's.


For you and your dog to enjoy all these activities we start with

a minium of four 121 sessions.


121 sessions are £120 for for four 1 hour sessions.


You have 15 weeks to use your 121's


Some Dogs and Owners are able to join group activities after

just two 121's


Classes are £80 for 10


Again you have 15 weeks to use  your sessions.


Classes can be cancelled with 24 hours notice.


Training with K9 Tac is very flexible you can pick and choose when you want to train and how you want to train.


You can pay via Paypal or Bacs .


Book your first session and we will send you payment options.

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