K9 Training & Advisory Centre

New Course starts w/c Monday 25th February 2019


To The K9TAC Dog Trainers (Cath &Madeleine),

This is just a quick letter to say thank you for all your hard work and the valuable training session that you give.
It is vital knowledge and understanding that is gained from these classes’ ones which I wouldn’t have learnt if it wasn’t for you guys.
By socialising Floyd at these classes from an early age, he has had the opportunity to have play time with many other breeds all shapes and sizes’, learning what expectable behaviour is, this has been key with regards to his socialising skills and development.
Putting Floyd in a close situation with other dogs where the emphasis is on paying attention to me is something that cannot be experience outside this kind of class and I believe is very important to know the control and response you have over your dog.
Learning commands, what works and what doesn’t and learning clicker training has been exceptionally useful.
I would recommend your classes to anyone with a puppy or adult dog, having a large breed myself it was very important to me that he was trained from an early age and it’s thanks to your training that I would say Floyd is very balanced and well behaved dog and he has plenty more to learn and achieve with your help.
Kind Regards
Dayna & Floyd