On Line Training

We run regular group training, 121's and Master classes via Zoom.

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Thank you for yet another Zoom online class, am really loving this format, Dunla is learning so much with no distractions and just the voice from the ipad or smart phone. It is great to work them at home in their own surroundings where they are relaxed and no spike of adrenaline at the start of class when going to a class meaning they don't tire so quickly, and they really concentrate at home, Dunla is 6 months on Saturday and has learned heel work, stays, recalls, touch, on the box, sit and down and upsit and Spin and twist on the box, stool work, away to the mat and down, and today we have done some backwards heel work, not bad for a not yet six month old puppy who has done about 5 zoom online lessons with Madeleine, thank you Madeleine for all your support and encouragement xx