Dear Madelaine


I would like to thank you for the training I have received for Mellisa and Crystal. We have owned and bred Beardies for years. This is a highly intelligent breed who require stimulation and training.


Ours have responded to your instruction  well loving the activities you provide for them.


In my opinion there is nothing more important than control when out, this has been certainly gained with your help and instruction, they are indeed a pleasure to walk. I could not ask for more and will continue with your classes as they have proven to be such an important part of their weekly routine.


Melanie Poulter

Ringwood Hampshire

I started training with Madeleine in Nov 16 with a view to dealing with a couple of training issues with my Bearded Collie.  In the time since She has taught me to think about what I do and how it impacts on my dog.  

We have done 1 to 1 training, master classes, regular classes and had the fun in the annual It's a Knockout all offered by Madeleine in an atmosphere of let's work hard but enjoy it, and through this I have developed a much stronger bond with my dogs and now have happy fulfilled dogs.  

She has an ability to read dogs and their behaviour and see a solution, often before it becomes a problem and so improve the communication between trainer and dog.

I have gone from just wanting to deal with a couple to problems to really enjoying working with My Dog and getting a real pleasure when he and his sister learn something new and use it in their daily lives and this is due to the patience and understanding that Madeleine has to demonstrate and help in all aspects of dog care from grooming to diet and health as well as training and behaviour.  

She is a true ambassador for dog lovers and owners and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and my dogs.  Thank you Madeleine.


I have really enjoyed training both my dogs with K9TAC. It is run in a very relaxed and fun environment with lots of encouragement as we and our dogs, of various ages and abilities, learn at different rates, as I know to my cost with two standard poodles (who think they are smarter than me).

I certainly feel training has helped me gain confidence and enabled me bond more with my dogs. Having started with the beginners course, we have just completed the Intermediate course, which I would strongly recommend to consolidate what is learned in beginners. It's a good reminder that training is a long term, ongoing issue and after receiving advice and encouragement I feel more confident going forward, dealing with encounters and situations that may arise while out walking.




Debbie, Freddie Beantail and Ozzfozz


My Airedale Terrier (a notoriously difficult breed) 100% trained at K9TAC, made friends at all the private homes we stayed in during a long trip. She never slipped up once, due I believe to her training within the group. It made for a very pleasant trip.


Dog Sitting


I have engaged Holly now on numerous occasions to come to my home and look after my three dogs. She started with only two dogs one miniature poodle13 yrs and a 3 yrs old standard poodle. The puppy arrived and circumstances meant that we had to go away for a long day, so I asked Holly if she would look after the older ones and we would have to take the pup, bearing in mind he'd only been with us a couple of weeks. Her reply was leave the pup too I can manage. I was so relieved and confident that things would be ok, I didn't worry all day. We came home late in the evening to a tumultuous doggie welcome, they had all had a fun day being looked after by their new best friend.